What is it?
Want to download a file but you're not home to do? With Dropbox and Send2myPC, your PC can download it in your absence. From any device connected to Dropbox (Android, Linux, Windows ...), send the file link to download and Send2myPC launch the download to your PC at home.

Send2myPC is free & open source GPL

> Steps by steps in screenshots : HERE.

How it works?
Send2myPC run on your PC at home. From another device connected to Dropbox, send the link of the file to download in your Dropbox. This link is a file type URL - as MyVideo.url - very small containing the Internet address of the download. On your PC - that must remain ON - Send2myPC initiate the download at the onset of a fichier.URL in your Dropbox.
If you set the extension of the file :
URLD : then direct download to your Dropbox
URLB : then download with your browser (Firefox...)
URL : then download by default, drive by the option checked or not of the menu
It's kind of remotely select the destination of the download.

Send2myPC not need your password and login to your Dropbox account. Technically, Send2myPC does not connect to Dropbox.com but regularly analyze the contents of a directory on your PC, which is actually your Dropbox folder.

Have installed Dropbox on your PC and remote device (Android, Linux, iPhone ...). Send2myPC has no complex interface, just a menu in right click its icon near the clock. You just tell it where is the Dropbox folder in your documents.

What are the parameters to configure?
There is only one menu, accessed by right clicking on its icon near the clock:
- Where is Dropbox? : To indicate where the Dropbox directory
- Download Dropbox to:
Checked: to download a file directly into your Dropbox
Unchecked: to download a file via your browser (Firefox ...)
- Start with Windows: Send2myPC run at Windows startup

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Send2myPC does not need your password or your login of your Dropbox account.